How do I share an existing assignment in MathGames with Classroom?

There are two ways to use MathGames assignments within Google Classroom. Either by linking assignments during creation as seen here or using the method below.

With the method below we simply give you the information to create the assignment yourself, and you will have to input grades yourself as well. 


1. Create an assignment as described in this article:

How Do I Create An Assignment?


2. Navigate to the assignments tab in your Math Games dashboard:


3. Click the share button of the assignment to share.

4. Choose a class and the action "Create Assignment"

5. Click the assign button

6. The assignment is displayed for students. 

Students will be prompted to login with their Google Classroom account when they click the link in the assignment.

 7. When students have completed the assignment, they can click the "Mark as done" button within classroom.

Using this method we cannot upload the grades they've received, to do so you must follow the directions seen here.


8. The students progress on the assignment will be shown in your Math Games dashboard.

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