How do I create an assignment?

To create an assignment:


1. Navigate to the assignments tab


2. Click the "Create a new assignment" link 


3. Configure your assignment details and assign students


Assigned Class: The assigned class

Assignment Name: display name for this assignment

Question Amount: The amount of questions to practice

Due Date: The end date for this assignment

Filter: View all students or by class 


4. Choose skills to include in this assignment

Use the filters to view skills across grades, skill types and standards.


5. Click the "create" button


6. Share Assignment

Lesson Plan Link: Direct link to the assignment for reference. One must be assigned to or have created the assignment to use the link

Share To Google Classroom: Adds this assignment to your linked Google Classroom account

Email My Students: Sends an email notification to students informing them of the assignment

Done: Done sharing

Note: Students will be informed of a new assignment for them once they login

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