How do I upload my student's grades to Google Classroom?

There are two ways to use MathGames assignments within Google Classroom. Either by sharing an assignment after creation as seen here or using the method below.

With the method below we will create a linked assignment for you in Classroom, upload each students grades as they progress, and mark each student as complete as the do so. Less data entry for you!

This method requires an account that uses the Google SignOn button. 

Click here to learn how to use your google info to make an account.


1. In the Assignments tab click Create Assignment button


2. In the left-side column select Link With -> Google Classroom

You will notice that you now must assign to an entire class, not to individual students. 


3. Create the assignment as normal

4. In the Current Assignment table you'll see that assignments that are linked with Google Classroom have a 'link' icon next to their name. 

Google Classroom Linked assignments cannot be edited once created. 


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