What are all these options?

Total Questions

This is the number of questions that will be in the game. Although you can end the game at any time, this setting will allow you to generate up to 30 questions for your students to answer.

Time Per Question

The amount of time your students have to answer each question.


If enabled the the teacher will not need to interact with the game at all until the end. Once the time runs out on the current question, or all students have answered, the next one will be brought up for the students to answer. 

Question Display

Math Jam has two types of game styles. HeadsUp and HeadsDown.


HeadsUp shows the question on the teacher's screen, but on their devices they will only see submission buttons. This mode is good to keep the class engaged as they'll all be looking to the front as they would during a lesson.


HeadsDown shows the question on everyone's device. This is good for more of a testing atmosphere, or when the students may need to do some work on paper to get the answer.


Display Leaderboard

When enabled the student's scores are shown in between each question, and after the game has completed. They can see each other's scores. When disabled they are simply marked as either answered or unanswered, with no scores shown.


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